The Maze Game


In our lessons with Ant and Chris, we have been creating a maze game in Adobe Animate. We didn’t start from scratch – there were some files in the shared area of a premade game with a bit of code, but not much else. What we had to do was personalize it and turn it into something interesting; pick a theme, add pictures, etc.









Today in class with Matt, we had to do a 3 minute presentation, which we had started researching last week. The presentation had to be on a company – game, film, etc – and we had to explain why we chose them and how they inspire us.

My PowerPoint was all about Studio Ghibli and Disney. The animated characters that these companies make inspire me, and I love the different art styles that they do.


Hi there


Hello, I’m Rose, a student at college. The course i am studying is Next Gen Games, Animation & VFX, and this blog will be where i keep track of what i learn and the things that i create. The area i am interested in is the art side of games design, and i will likely be doing a lot of concept art in my portfolio. I expect that my area of interest will expand since i will be gaining skills in other areas – such as 3D modelling, vfx, etc – so i may find aspects of the course that i enjoy doing, and which i could specialize in next year.