In our lesson with Ant, we learned basic coding in Adobe Animate.

The very first thing he showed us how to do was to get the output to say “Hello World”.

After that we started creating a scene. It started off making a green circle, then a brown rectangle, which made a tree. Slowly after that he let us figure out how to code in other trees, a Sun, the sky and the ground. It was difficult getting the colour brightness right and the position of each shape.

If we were having trouble, Ant would leave sections of code on the board for us to use as reference. At one point there was a section of code that would make the colours change every time the scene was opened, but I didn’t get round to testing that.

He let us experiment with shapes, colours, sizes to make our own scene. Some people made amusing scenes that we later all looked through.

code-1  code-2

code-3  code-4

Here I added ‘comments’, these are pieces of text that do not affect the code but let me make sense of all of the coding.
I also made tree 2’s trunk a bit darker by changing the colour values (they go from 1-9 and A-F)

code-5  code-6

Here I added grass to the scene.


// Sky
graphics.drawRect(0, 0, 550, 400)


// Sun
graphics.drawCircle(100, 100, 50)


// Wigwam
graphics.moveTo(250, 250)
graphics.lineTo(300, 350)
graphics.lineTo(200, 350)

Code 10.png  code-11




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