EGX 2016


On the 23rd September we all went to EGX in Birmingham. It was a long trip there – around 4 hours – but it was worth it for the experience.

Youtubers such as Syndicate and the Yogscast were there, and there were huge ques to go and meet them.

Instead of waiting in big ques to try out well known games, i went to the indie game section, where there was an array of new/unreleased games for people to play. Sacramento was one of the games I tried, it didn’t really have a plot of sorts or any objective, it was just really artsy and had pretty calming music. Another artsy game I tried was called A Skyrocket Story. This one had an interesting plot and I really liked it, it wasn’t challenging since really the only thing I had to do was follow the light to keep the story going.

There were lots of stalls to buy stuff from, merchandise from loads of different games. I found it funny that there was a dank meme stall.


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