Adobe Illustrator


Since Ant wasn’t in, on the morning Tony continued his lesson with us. We all had to go out to scan our drawings so we could draw over them in Adobe Illustrator. At first we had some trouble since we didn’t know how to scan things properly.

  • Lift the lid of the scanner up and put the drawing in the top left face down, scan your card to login, select email (so it sends the scanned copy to your email), then press start, and the key button to logout.

Once we had scanned Tony showed us a few of the tools in Illustrator and how they work. The pencil tool is good because you can draw freely with the mouse, but the lines can be shaky and you can accidentally redraw a line instead of drawing a separate one. The pen tool is useful as it lets you do both straight and curved lines – click once for straight, click and hold for a curve. You can edit lines once you’ve drawn them by clicking directly on them, and moving around the anchor points. Also the smooth tool helps to even out any jagged or uneven edges.



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