Photoshop Drawings




In Tony’s lesson we got to use the graphics tablets, which makes drawing more precise. Our task was to pick a random picture of a person and then make a silhouette of them on Adobe Photoshop.

Like the majority of the class, i chose a funny image as my reference. We were not allowed to trace over our image, so the scale and shape of the drawing was mostly guess work. Tony taught us that it is easier to start with light colours first, and then get gradually darker. I used this technique, and put each new shade into a new layer so that they were organised.


Train Robot

Our next task was completely different, although we still used Photoshop. We had to search an image of a train, randomly move the lasso tool to select a part of it, and delete the rest of the image. Then we had to copy and paste it before mirroring it, to make a train robot. To make it look more robot-like i went back to the original image and selected another part and pasted it over my creation. Tony told us to add some shading to make it more 3D, so i put some around the edges.


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