Spaceship refinement


Spaceship.pngSpaceship 2.png

In Matt’s lesson today we worked on refining our spaceship models in Maya, so that they will be ready for next time when we start texturing them. In pairs we looked at each others models and reviewed them, seeing the positives, negatives, and what could be improved on.

The feedback i received said that i needed to smooth out the sharp edges, and add more detail to my spaceship. To create curves i could use the bevel tool, or add edge loops to make the corners less pointed. Also i will add guns to the underside of my spaceship.

Later on, outside of class, i worked on improving my spaceship. First i used the extrusion tool to add guns underneath it.

Spaceship 3.PNG

After that  i smoothed out the back of it by using the bevel tool.


Finally i added a raised section that represents the cockpit.



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