Walking Simulator


((to edit))


In our lesson with Ant we started using Unity.

We were taught the basic conrols such as _

Scripts are things that contain chunks of code, which gets the game to function. When you want to edit a c# script, it should open in Monodevelop and not any other program; like Visual Studio.

Ant gave us access to a few Powerpoints, these have step by step instructions on how to do different things in Unity (like add a flashlight, etc).

Here are the Powerpoints we were given;

[insert link]


Ant let us use the Powerpoints so we could independently work on our game.

In the lesson we managed to create a room with a table, chair, door and a key (the models were premade by Ant). The scripts we added to them allowed us to: pick up the key, open the door, knock the chair over.


Another lesson

I decided to make a raycaster, which is the little white dot you see in the centre of the screen in many games. This let people who play my game pick up the key with more accuracy, without having to guess and click. I had a bit of trouble getting it to work, but Ant helped me. I think he put it into 2D mode momentarily, instead of changing the position he changed the scale of the raycaster from 100 to 5.


Later on in that lesson we were told to stop editing our games. We were given feedback sheets and we had to go around the room playing other people’s games, writing what was good about it and what could be improved upon.

There were loads of good game designs, and it gave me a fresh outlook on what i could do with my own game. One person had made a spaceship-like room with cool doors, there was a lever that when clicked an animation of it moving down woud activate. This then caused the door to open, but not normally, the door had an animation too so that the circular parts in the centre would rotate and it would slowly open.


Added flashlight + inventory system


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