AE Tracking Footage



New composition, 1080p

Edit, preferences, gpu info, tick box

Type name, size 300

Click Pan behind tool (snaps the selection to the text), drag circle to centre of name, then align name to centre of screen

Change renderer (top right) from Classic 3D to Ray traced 3D

Select the name, geometry options, change bevel style to Angular

Add a new light (spotlight) and add shadows

Import the video

Effect, perspective, 3D camera tracker

Click on the drop down menu for the video, effects, 3D camera tracker, advanced, turn detail analysis on

Click on 3D camera tracker

Skip forward to 4 seconds in the timeline

Select 3 points on the ground in a triangle

Right click bullseye, set ground plane and origin

Right click again, create shadow catcher

Make name visible again

Set its position to 0,0,0

Change scale and rotation




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