Robot Character Design


In Tony’s lesson we were set a project to research robots and come up with some concept art ideas. Our final outcome will be one developed design of a robot that has been coloured (e.g. using Illustrator). The first step was to research robots from games, movies, etc.

From my research i created a mood board of different robots for inspiration:



I did some mini silhouette sketches, just to get an idea of the general shape of the robots.

I then made some more drawings of what the robots would actually look like


After that i chose one of my drawings to work on and develop. I took it into Adobe Illustrator, went over the lines, and made some adjustments.


During the lesson, the class viewed each others robot designs and got to give feedback. This allowed us to get an idea of what we can do to improve them. The main thing said about mine, and other people’s robots, was that more depth should be added to make it look more 3D.


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