3D Room Project


In Matt’s lesson we were given another project to do. The task was to model, uv unwrap, texture and render our own 3D room. We had the choice of doing a room from our house or creating a room on a spaceship.

I decided to base my room design on my living room, since it’s easier to get textures from a real room rather than an imaginary spaceship.

The first piece of furniture i began to design was the bookcase. At first i did the technique where you delete half of it then duplicate it so that whatever you do on one side, it mirrors in the other.


Just like my bookcase in real life, i made sure the shelves were rounded by bevelling them slightly.


Important – if part of a model is green, it means that it has lost its material. The solution is to add the default lambert material back onto it.


Helpful – Polycount is a useful menu to have as it shows the number of faces/edges/vertices you have selected.


To make it easier for myself, i made one section of shelving, then duplicated it and merged them together multiple times.


Next i made the tv stand. I came across quite a few problems because of the way i had mirrored the model; there were many overlapping edges that i could not merge for some reason. I now know i could have solved this difficulty by deleting half of the model when i’d finished making it, then using the mirror geometry tool, which automatically merges the two sides.

After that i made the tv. To get the size right, i made it above the tv stand and put it in a separate file when i finished it.

tv stand.pngtv.png

tv + stand.png

I then began making the room’s layout. Something that would’ve made it easier: instead of extruding to make the walls i could have used planes since they only have one face. Once i was happy with it, i copy and pasted my models into the room. I added a rug in the middle of my room too.


When i tried to add the texture of the carpet (which i had taken a photo of), it went all glitchy. This also happened to the rug, but instead it zoomed in too much.


The picture that is on the wall of my living room is the thing that i made next. It was the easiest thing to model since it’s basically just a cuboid.


I didn’t have time to texture some of the models, so i added a brown lambert material to the bookcase and tv stand, and a black blinn material to the tv. This at least gives them some colour and shading for the time being. I also solved the glitchy carpet and rug by selecting the faces and planar mapping them.


Using 3 point lighting, i added light to my scene – two spotlights and a yellow area light at the back. I then made a render of  it in 1080p.



It is by no means finished, as i need to create models of the table, the sofa, some books and possibly the fireplace. I also need to texture a few models too.


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