In this lesson with Matt we started actually adding texture to our models. Since i hadn’t finished uv unwrapping my spaceship, i was allowed to use Matt’s exemplar one (the following photos are of his model not mine).


Once the net has been organised inside the square in the uv editor, it can be exported and edited. To export it go to the Polygons menu and then ‘uv snapshot’.

texturing 2.png texturing 3.png

After that you can take the image into Photoshop –

texturing-4 texturing-5

– and add texture over it.

texturing 6.png texturing-7

Once you’re happy with how the texture looks, export it as a PNG and save it in the sourceimages folder of the Maya project.

After that, go back into Maya and select your model. In the hypershade menu create a new material and click on the box next to the colour option. From the list that appears, choose ‘file’, then click the folder symbol to browse through and find where you saved the texture.

texturing 8.png

The preview in the hypershade menu should then have the texture on it. All you do next is drag the material onto the model (if it isn’t on already) and press 6 to go into texture mode.

texturing 9.png






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