AE – Tracking and Stabilizing Footage


Fish Footage

  • New comp
  • Import footage and illustrator file
  • Project settings (tick frames)
  • Add a null


  • Click Track motion
  • Make boxes bigger
  • Place in position



  • Press play
  • Edit target (change to null)
  • Click apply
  • Parent the fish to the null

fish 6.png


  • Unselect everything and create rectangle on buildings wall
  • Change colour to building colour + add gausian blur
  • Make fish visible and resize over rectangle
  • Change fish opacity to around 80%

fish 8.png

Fish footage.gif

Fish Footage 2

  • Click on footage
  • Track motion
  • Tick rotation and scale boxes
  • Resize and move boxes
  • Click play
  • Click apply
  • Parent fish to null
  • Add motion blur to fish



College wall.gif


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