Ident Animation Project


In Matt’s lesson we started another project – this time it is one that we work on during class. The brief is to create an animation in Maya to introduce ourselves.

Animation Ideas


  • Name floats down (letters at different speeds) and small fish watches
  • Different fish gets eaten by bigger fish
  • Small fish swims away offscreen
  • Huge fish chases big fish away



  • Treasure chest
  • Big fish chasing small fish
  • Small fish dodges and big fish crashes into chest
  • Chest opens (name inside)

I ended up going with the second idea, as i wasn’t sure how i would animate a fish actually eating something. The name for the animation that i came up with is ‘Fish Fiasco’.


Pixar Animation



  • Anticipation
  • Secondary Action
  • Exaggeration
  • Arcs – (coin rolling)

Art History Essay




  • You choose the subject, but you must include content from the below
  • Artistic concepts including light, colour, composition, perspective and
  • Traditional processes that have been developed and integrated into
    digital art software systems and processes for digital art.


What you need to do

  • Write a dissertation of 1500 words
  • This will be on the subject of an art movement, style or particular
    discipline that has influenced a modern game, movie or concept


In Tony’s lesson we were notified that we will be doing an art history essay in the near future.


AE -Text Effects


new comp

import outline and matte version of text

drag outline into timeline

right click on outline

create shapes from vector layer

delete original


in drop down options add trim paths

activate ‘end’ clock at beginning

change value to 0

scroll to end

change value to 100



new comp

drag in comp 1 twice

create black solid and put in middle

change middle setting from none to alpha matte

offset top comp 1

add simple choker effect to top comp 1

change its value to negative


text 2.gif

select all layers

go to layer, pre-compose


new comp

drag in pre

layer, new, adjustment layer

search glow and drag onto adjustment layer


change settings

duplicate ad layer

select layers and pre composite again

new comp

drag in the original matte file(words)

drag a gradient ramp onto it


change the colours

drag comp 1 in

drag pre-comp 2 in

change both of their modes to add

text 3.gif

precomp again (3)

another precomp 3 (add)

radial blur on top one

change spin to zoom

increase amount

opacity option on top one

alt click on timer


text 4.gif

new comp

draw line across centre with pen tool

drag wave warp effect onto it

make waves bigger

change pinning to right edge

text 5.gif

layer, layer styles, gradient overlay

change angle to 180



change settings

duplicate again and change settings

text 6.gif

precomp it

new comp

drag in precomp 4 twice

add the effect turbulent displace

change complexity and size

add adjustment layer, then add glow to it

text 7.gif

precomp again

new comp

bring pre 5 into it

move to left

duplicate and rotate

bring text back into composition

text 8.gif