Food Land (Low Poly)


Today i uv unwrapped and textured a couple of my models for the low poly project.



Matt told us that you can use automatic unwrapping, but it can be messy and only really works well with low poly models.


AE – Mocha


import footage

drag video onto box (bottom left, third one along) – this will create a composition that is exactly right for the footage

animation, track in mocha ae

find a clean frame with no motion blur

click pen tool

draw shape of place to track

right click to end selection

click the S in a box icon

move the blue box inside the red one


get it to track backwards, then after a while click just before the green arrow, then track forwards


export tracking data

copy to clip

back to after effects

create new solid

paste on frame 1

precompose layer

double click on layer in library

drag in artwork


turn the opacity of the grey background to 0%

add a colour dodge blending mode



Company Research


Games/VFX Companies

  1. When they were founded
  2. Who owns them
  3. What movies/games have they produced
  4. What roles are available (more artists, animators, etc)
  5. Where would you fit in this company
  6. What can you offer them
  7. Who produced and made your favourite games
  8. How do they market themselves


  • Blizzard

Founded in 1994

No parent company

Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft

Game Design, Artist, VFX, Animator, etc


Character Design


  • Valve

Founded in 1996

No parent company

Portal 2, Team Fortress 2

Artist, Level Designer, Effects, Psycologist,



  • Rockstar

Founded in 1998

Parent company – TakeTwo Interactive

GTA 5, Bully


  • Bethesda

Founded in 1986

Parent company – ZeniMax Media

Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls

  • Naughtydog


  • EA



Group Modelling Project


This modelling project has to be low poly.

Overall theme is Wacky Races.

The theme that we have gone with is food.


Our team consists of me, Adam, Kayleigh + Brandon.


I made the landscape,  a corncob tree, and apple and an orange boulder.




Adam was making an icecream car, Kayleigh was making an icecream machine, Brandon was making a bottle car and a lollipop tree.

Drawing with Particles


new comp (hd 720 25, duration 10 sec)

new null object

press ‘P’

alt click on clock

type ‘wiggle(1,400)’

new solid

effect, simulation, particle systems II

in the Solid open effects, particle systems II, producer, position

drag the 3rd symbol along (the swirl) to the null’s position box

Particle line.gif

In Producer change radius x and y to 0.1

in Physics change everything to 0 apart from direction

Particle line 2.gif

duplicate it and change settings of it

Changing the velocity makes the particles spread out more

Particle line 3.gif

new null object

Window, motion sketch

change smoothing to 10

start capture

Write name


Add new solid and add the particle effect to it

alt click on the position thing

connect to the null’s position

add the effect particle systems II to it

experiment to make it look good

Particle line 4.gif

Own Game


In class we had to come up with ideas for new games, which we are going to create.

With similar controls to the spaceship game we all made, i want to make a game centered around ghosts. The playable character will be a ghost (who looks sad). The objective is to progress while avoiding malevolent spirits; who reset the level if touched.

This is my idea so far for the player, and the other ghost the player is travelling to:

Ghost.png other-ghost