Company Research


Games/VFX Companies

  1. When they were founded
  2. Who owns them
  3. What movies/games have they produced
  4. What roles are available (more artists, animators, etc)
  5. Where would you fit in this company
  6. What can you offer them
  7. Who produced and made your favourite games
  8. How do they market themselves


  • Blizzard

Founded in 1994

No parent company

Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft

Game Design, Artist, VFX, Animator, etc


Character Design


  • Valve

Founded in 1996

No parent company

Portal 2, Team Fortress 2

Artist, Level Designer, Effects, Psycologist,



  • Rockstar

Founded in 1998

Parent company – TakeTwo Interactive

GTA 5, Bully


  • Bethesda

Founded in 1986

Parent company – ZeniMax Media

Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls

  • Naughtydog


  • EA




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