Magic Effects


Today in our VFX lesson we had a go of adding magic effects to footage. We could choose whatever footage we wanted – the yoda footage, one from the internet, or we could record our own with the green screen.

Some sites that Gary said were useful:


I chose to work on the Yoda Force Push, and i followed the tutorial to make the cool effect.

Yoda Force Push.gif




Today in our art lesson we tried out a new program called Sculptris.

We were given the task of sculpting a human torso using the provided, like grab, smooth, and draw. This is what i have so far:



Coding Practise



.    =   dot narrows down an object

{}  =  curly bracket starts and ends code, groups statements together




Coding Project

Now we are doing a mini project where we all have to make our own bouncy ball that does something different (e.g. changes colour or size every collision).

This is what i have so far:



Sci Fi Project


Today in our 3D modelling lesson we continued making concept art for our individual assets. I have a few initial table designs, with these i was basically testing out ideas to see what would work and look good.


Then i created a design and worked to improve it.


After that i did a final set of drawings from different viewpoints, and i made a list of what differences there will be on the high poly from the low poly.



After Effects Project


In our VFX lesson today we started thinking about what we would do for a project. We all watched clips from games and movies to get ideas, and some people began storyboards.


Gary told us about a site where we can get free assets for After Effects called Footagecrate.


In the VFX room there is a green screen, so if needed i could film something in front of it.

At the moment i’m thinking i could film my dog Phoebe  at the beach, the park, etc. I could add effects when i throw the ball so that it explodes, or i could make Phoebe appear from like a portal or something.


AE Animation



In Pete’s lesson we continued animating in After Effects.

In each letter we added pins so we could move and transform them later(we turned on the mesh and reduced it down to 80 so there were less triangles).

At the bottom of each letter we clicked with the starch tool.

Keyframes are automatically added when a pin point is moved, so it is quite fiddly. I had a few problems with the keyframes, but copying and pasting the position helped to fix them.

We have been given a project to do which is similar to this, but we have to pick a different character from a movie, game, etc. I might pick the player from the game Journey.

Head Sculpting


Today in our art lesson we were given chunks of white plasticine. Our task was to model a realistic looking head (or as close to which we could). This was so we could develop our skills of anatomy and face structure.