3D Modelling

  • 3 = smooth preview (press 1 to undo)
  • crease tool = keeps edges hard


  • soft select = smooth way of editing object


  • isolate select = only view certain faces, edges, objects, etc


When modelling my sci fi table i came across a problem. When i tried to extrude, the extrusion did not scale evenly, it was all wonky. To solve this, i found out that the box that appears when you extrude has an ‘offset‘ option. In that option box i typed the value 0.1 and it scaled it equally without fault.

I have added a buttons console and a lever to the low poly version of the table, here’s what it looks like so far:



In the high poly version i will add bumps and dents (baking down/mudbox), before adding a metallic texture.


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