The Sims 4


The Sims 4 is a life simulation video game for the computer, developed by Maxis & published by Electronic Arts in 2014.

The franchise first started with The Sims, which was released back in February of 2000. Back then PCs were not as advanced as they are now, especially when it came to visuals. The Sims creator had to consider this, and this is why the graphics of the original game are so pixelated. In the Sims 4 the graphics have been improved so that they are sharp and clear on today’s PCs.

the-sims-games-fps-ready (1)

The Sims


The Sims 4

When it comes to an audience, The Sims 4 is not aimed at one particular age group. Instead it targets people of all ages; it has no gore so children can play it, but does contain some mature elements which targets older viewers such as the ‘wohoo’ option. The game copes very well with it’s console; the computer. It is easy for the player to move around with mouse and keyboard, but if it was on a PS4 (for example) the controller would make it difficult to select sims and interactions. The main attraction of the game for many Sims users is the Create A Sim section. This is where the best customisation can be done, as you can make a sim and change their appearance by physically dragging parts of their body rather than just using sliders.

As well as positives, the game also has its downsides. After buying the game, you would think that all of the content would already be there for you, however there are limited things to do without purchasing an additional expansion pack. There are many of these packs, which cost quite a bit, and some add very little to the game. Sometimes in the middle of gameplay, the animation of the sims in the game will glitch out – they may be stuck doing the same task, or won’t do any interactions at all. This can be annoying, as usually the only way to fix it is to restart the game. When it comes to customisation, there are very few accessories in the game. The fact that there are so few clothing and hair choices meant that creating interesting, original characters became difficult. However many of the game’s users have taken it upon themselves to create their own content for the game. These people are the backbone of The Sims’ community, as they help many people by sharing their content online.



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