Art Theory in Context


In our lessons, as well as at home, we had to write a 1500 word essay on the topic of art. The brief was to ‘Consider a piece of art that could influence a product in the Games, Animation, or VFX Industries in terms of colour, composition, light, perspective and volume. For the chosen piece of art, discuss the traditional processes that have been used and how these could be translated into digital imagery through the use of software systems and processes.’

My topic of choice was the game Don’t Starve, and i compared it to the art of Tim Burton. Since both the game and Burton possess a dark, whimsical style, it was relatively easy to find comparisons between the two. I found it quite difficult – having a set number of words that needed to be done – and at times wondered if i was droning on too much. Reading it through though, i think i have done a good job, and to improve i could be more specific in my bibliography.


Art Essay


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