Space Table


Today i worked on my asset for the group modelling project. Since i had finished the low poly version of the table, and i uv unwrapped it, i started making the high poly version. For the high poly version i added bevels to a lot of the sharp edges on the table. I then extruded sections inwards and outwards, and added ridges to the sides by using stretched spheres.


Low Poly


High Poly

The Next thing i wanted to do was use normal mapping to physically bake the details from the high poly to the low poly one. I tried to do a normal map, and followed Matt’s tutorial exactly, however something obviously went wrong, as when it finished baking it looked like this:


Baked Model


The Normal Map

I am not sure what went wrong exactly, and don’t know what settings to change. So i will ask help from Matt next lesson, and in the meantime i will use google to try and find a solution.


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