Portfolio Presentation


On Tuesday afternoon i went in college to do my portfolio presentation. I feel that it went quite well, especially considering that i have anxiety when public speaking. I did have a bit of a hiccup half way through, where i forgot what to say, but continued anyway. I think they liked my VFX project (where my dog Phoebe disappears through a fire portal), as i heard a chuckle or two.

Afterwards i was sent out of class for a minute while the lecturers deliberated. When i was brought back in, they told me that they didn’t know whether to give me a pass or a merit. In the end they decided on a merit, but i have lots to improve on and they gave me lots of constructive criticism. Since i like art, and it is the subject i will specialise in next year, they felt that i didn’t put enough of my artwork in the presentation. A lot of the art I’ve done are just sketches, so i was hesitant to include them. They also said that to get a distinction i should work to make everything the best quality it can be.






This is the turnaround sheet for my final monster design. Making this was a bit tricky, since it is difficult to imagine perspective when the creature doesn’t exist. Using a graphics tablet really helped me with this, and i enjoyed drawing the feathers/scales on the back. The thing that i could have improved is the front view – the monster is not turning it’s head to face the front, which makes the turnaround look a little off.


Below is the coloured and shaded version of my design, which i did in Photoshop. Even though shading can be a bit annoying, i enjoyed making this since it is a project where your imagination can run wild. Originally the creature was going to be a greyish black colour, but after messing around with the hue and saturation i found that a dark blue suited it better. I was a bit worried about colouring the eye, since it is an important part of the piece, so i practised a bit on an empty layer. The paint mixer tool became very useful when doing this; It uses an airbrush with an adjustable opacity, this makes it easy to mix colours and shade with. Overall i am happy with how the creature turned out, and i will make more of these designs in the future.



VFX Project


This is my project for VFX. To get the footage i went down to the clifftops with my dog Phoebe. For it to work properly the camera had to stay still, so i brought a tripod with me and set it up. I had to get Phoebe running from one side to the other without seeing the original ball being thrown, however it was tricky to get the right distance between her and the camera (there are a few failed footage attempts). The portal that appears, as well as the bursts of flame, are assets that i found on footagecrate.com. I think that this went quite well, vfx isn’t the subject i will specialise in next year but this project was fun to do.



Final Monster Design



This is the silhouette of my final monster design, made using Adobe Illustrator. The design was one that i thought of doing a while ago, after watching a playthrough of Keep In Mind. I was inspired by the creepy monsters in the game, each of which represented a negative human emotion like paranoia, guilt, and regret.