This is the turnaround sheet for my final monster design. Making this was a bit tricky, since it is difficult to imagine perspective when the creature doesn’t exist. Using a graphics tablet really helped me with this, and i enjoyed drawing the feathers/scales on the back. The thing that i could have improved is the front view – the monster is not turning it’s head to face the front, which makes the turnaround look a little off.


Below is the coloured and shaded version of my design, which i did in Photoshop. Even though shading can be a bit annoying, i enjoyed making this since it is a project where your imagination can run wild. Originally the creature was going to be a greyish black colour, but after messing around with the hue and saturation i found that a dark blue suited it better. I was a bit worried about colouring the eye, since it is an important part of the piece, so i practised a bit on an empty layer. The paint mixer tool became very useful when doing this; It uses an airbrush with an adjustable opacity, this makes it easy to mix colours and shade with. Overall i am happy with how the creature turned out, and i will make more of these designs in the future.




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