Led Zeppelin – Carouselambra


In our lesson with Tony, we were given a task based on sound for imagined worlds. We had to base a concept art piece (or photo collage) on the song Carouselambra by Led Zeppelin. Since music is very personal in the way it’s interpreted, everyone would imagine a different scene. A couple ideas people threw around were “disco” and “80’s”.

When listening to the song, the first thing that sprung to mind was that this song sounds like it would be coming out of an old radio. I imagined a mini film scene; the camera focused on the radio, slowly zooming out revealing a dilapidated scene. Building on the 80’s idea i imagined an old diner, half destroyed and abandoned, in a post apocalyptic world. To fit with the place, i changed the radio to a jukebox.


Before i could start sketching, i needed an idea of the perspective. In Google Sketchup i blocked out the scene, creating the diner’s general shape, and imported the more detailed models (jukebox and barstool) from 3D Warehouse.

Differences that are/will be in the final drawing:

  • Blown up half-wall
  • Debris, bricks, smashed windows
  • Overgrown
  • (will have) Light streaming through broken roof
  • (will have) Dark shadows, orange early morning light





Recently i found out about a program called MagicaVoxel, which is a program where you can build things with voxels. Voxels are basically the 3D version of pixels – cubes. In the program you can build anything with these blocks, like in minecraft. You can stack, erase, or paint them, and there is even a set of tools that allow you to get high quality renders of your model. As practice, i tried making the character Frisk from Undertale. I really liked how it turned out, and how i was able to add different coloured lighting and shadows.


This way of sculpting can be used in industry; games like Crossy Road have been made with voxels.





Ruin World Concepts


To go alongside our environment, my team and i thought it would be good to have a showcase of the concept art. This would have sketches of the original ideas for the characters and the desert, and show how these developed.


Original Idea

bridges        Clothes

Bridge Ideas                                                          Hat Concept


Floating Islands


Glowing Crystals



NPC Colour Variations


To make Ruin World more diverse, my team decided the npcs should have different coloured clothes. Now there are cyan, green, and red npcs, which could be part of different tribes. In the end, all the npcs will have billboarding code on them, meaning they will always face the in-game camera. I’m not sure if the placement of the npcs will be down to random generation, or if they will be put in certain spots around the map.



Third NPC



For the third npc, i decided to go for a larger design. To make it look like he has a different personality from the others, i tilted his eyes outward slightly. Unlike the other npc, the pattern on his robe is in the middle, this is because it had to be custom made. Also, the reason his hat is small is because there were none his size so he had to borrow one.

nomad3 final.png

Second NPC



During one of our scrums (discussions), my group decided that there should be more npc characters. Each one should be different, but be part of the same species. I drew out a few ideas for how they could look – like a small young npc, a large adult npc, and an old wise npc. Above is the original concept for the young character, i wanted to make it clear that he was given clothes far too big for him, so i made the sleeves trail and cover his shoes. Below is the coloured and shaded version. I had some issues while making him in Photoshop; when i selected an area to colour i must have overlapped the lineart because afterwards there was a bit of pixelation. This won’t be much of an issue in the final environment however, since the camera will see him from a distance and not close up.



Game vs Film Storyboards


Little Nightmares

General Rules 

  • There are infinite lives
  • Light lanterns to create checkpoint
  • If caught by a monster you die
  • Sneaking reduces the noise you make


  • Six
  • The Janitor
  • Leeches
  • Gnomes


The Maw, a huge submarine


Escape the Maw

How the level progresses

  • Six wakes up in The Maw
  • Six meets a gnome (next to lantern)
  • Leeches try to kill Six
  • The Janitor chases Six

Little Nightmares.png

Storyboarding for games is entirely different than storyboarding for films. In a film you can decide what shot a scene will have (e.g. wide shot showing area, or close up), whereas the camera angle is constantly changing in a game, and the character might be in the wrong place.