This is the turnaround sheet for my final monster design. Making this was a bit tricky, since it is difficult to imagine perspective when the creature doesn’t exist. Using a graphics tablet really helped me with this, and i enjoyed drawing the feathers/scales on the back. The thing that i could have improved is the front view – the monster is not turning it’s head to face the front, which makes the turnaround look a little off.


Below is the coloured and shaded version of my design, which i did in Photoshop. Even though shading can be a bit annoying, i enjoyed making this since it is a project where your imagination can run wild. Originally the creature was going to be a greyish black colour, but after messing around with the hue and saturation i found that a dark blue suited it better. I was a bit worried about colouring the eye, since it is an important part of the piece, so i practised a bit on an empty layer. The paint mixer tool became very useful when doing this; It uses an airbrush with an adjustable opacity, this makes it easy to mix colours and shade with. Overall i am happy with how the creature turned out, and i will make more of these designs in the future.



Final Monster Design



This is the silhouette of my final monster design, made using Adobe Illustrator. The design was one that i thought of doing a while ago, after watching a playthrough of Keep In Mind. I was inspired by the creepy monsters in the game, each of which represented a negative human emotion like paranoia, guilt, and regret.


Monster Project


In our Art lesson we started another project. We were given the objective to create our own designs for monsters, eventually choosing our best design and doing a detailed drawing of it. To start off, i have made a sheet of silhouettes of my monsters, each of them has a different, unique shape that makes them easily identifiable. Later i will post sketches of them, showing their faces and details that the silhouettes hide.

These are the 5 designs i have made thus far. I have a rough idea of what all of their backstories would be, but i will narrow it down once i know my final design.


They each have vastly different sizes, but i had to scale them down to fit them together. I might do a scale chart, with each of the monsters next to the height of a human. In a future art lesson we will have a group crit, so that we can get feedback from others and decide which design to choose.


Art Theory in Context


In our lessons, as well as at home, we had to write a 1500 word essay on the topic of art. The brief was to ‘Consider a piece of art that could influence a product in the Games, Animation, or VFX Industries in terms of colour, composition, light, perspective and volume. For the chosen piece of art, discuss the traditional processes that have been used and how these could be translated into digital imagery through the use of software systems and processes.’

My topic of choice was the game Don’t Starve, and i compared it to the art of Tim Burton. Since both the game and Burton possess a dark, whimsical style, it was relatively easy to find comparisons between the two. I found it quite difficult – having a set number of words that needed to be done – and at times wondered if i was droning on too much. Reading it through though, i think i have done a good job, and to improve i could be more specific in my bibliography.


Art Essay

Head Sculpting


Today in our art lesson we were given chunks of white plasticine. Our task was to model a realistic looking head (or as close to which we could). This was so we could develop our skills of anatomy and face structure.


Art – Character Design


Our new art project is to create character designs. They don’t have to be a full character yet – we are just focusing on their portraits.

We researched different artists that we liked, then made moodboards of their pieces. This is so we can get inspiration from their art styles and integrate it into our own work.


In one lesson we used basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, etc) to draw different faces from. I found that as i attempted to draw each face the shape gave me ideas of what their character would be like, which inspired me to add certain facial features. For example the circle would give a rounded face without much bone structure, this reminded me of a chubby toddler’s head so i drew a little girl for that shape.

[insert photo]

Next – draw around 10 thumbnails of character faces


Art History Essay




  • You choose the subject, but you must include content from the below
  • Artistic concepts including light, colour, composition, perspective and
  • Traditional processes that have been developed and integrated into
    digital art software systems and processes for digital art.


What you need to do

  • Write a dissertation of 1500 words
  • This will be on the subject of an art movement, style or particular
    discipline that has influenced a modern game, movie or concept


In Tony’s lesson we were notified that we will be doing an art history essay in the near future.