Ruin World Update



During this project, my team has worked really well together. There is a lot of communication, and so far, there have been no major issues. A small problem was that the bridge Brandon was making had too many polys – so it would take Unity ages to load – we brought this up in discussion and to remedy this he is retopologising it to reduce the poly count.



This is the Burndown chart for our project. We started off the project really well, and were ahead of schedule, however, now we are starting to get a little behind with completing tasks. A lot of the remaining tasks are 3D models, which will take time to sculpt and add textures to. This could mean that we lag behind for a few weeks but then finish everything near the end.


Types of Sound


Diegetic Sound

Sound that originates from a source in the scene, this doesn’t have to be visible. In a forest this could be birds chirping, branches cracking, or characters talking.

Non Diegetic Sound

Sound that doesn’t belong in the scene, which is never visible. For example, this could be music to set the mood, sound effects for dramatic effect, or narrator’s commentary.


In Ruin World, we will mostly have diegetic sounds; e.g. for the sandstorm, pots and pans, etc.

Pre-Production pt2


This is an updated version of our asset list. We’ve finished a couple of things already, but there are still a lot of high importance items left to do. Now that i’ve done the nomad npc, the next thing i’ll work on is either the background cliffs or the sky.







One of the first deadlines for our imagined world is for pre-production. At the deadline we have to have planned everything that we are going to make, and who will do it.  So to organise ourselves, we made an asset list assigning tasks.

Imagined World


For our first group project of the year we have to make an ‘imagined world’. There were a number of briefs that we could choose from, different subjects for each – 2D, 3D, animation + 3D, coding + 3D/2D.

A World Without Play

The group i am in consists of me, Adam, Jordan, and Brandon. Since Adam is a coder, our only option was the coding brief. In the brief we have to create a game without a player, but where it moves by itself (moving camera). We’ve organised ourselves into roles:

  • Adam – coding
  • Rose – 2D
  • Jordan -2D
  • Brandon – 3D

So far we’ve come up with concepts about where the environment will be set and what will be in it – e.g. it will be a desert with ruins and a tribe of cave dwelling characters. In the environment natural events have to occur (like sandstorms), and there have to be moving ai (like a tumbleweed).

D. Code, 2D & 3D – A World Without Play – Imagined Worlds Brief

Game Jam


This week, our class began our Game Jam Assessment. The task for this was to make our own 2D platformer from scratch. In our temporary accounts, we were provided with some premade assets for us to use, this was to save time and allow us to focus on writing the code. Since it was an open book assessment, we were allowed all of our notes with us, which was very helpful as i find it difficult to remember code.

According to the list, the core features of what we had to include were:

  • Obstacles in the way of the player
  • At least 3 moving guards
  • If the player hits an enemy/bullet the game should restart
  • If the guard spots the player, it should stop and fire at them
  • When the player moves out of sight, the guard should resume movement

I successfully managed to complete all of these, however my enemy sprites do not face the direction they are moving. This troubled me a bit, since i did not remember how to do the face direction script, but in the end it did not matter because that wasn’t on the list of marking criteria. Overall i think i did quite well, considering it was my first ever games test, i was even one of the first people to finish.


Unity Game


Today in Ant’s lesson i continued working on my 2D game. The first thing that i did was create a system where if the player touches an enemy the level will restart. To get the code for this i watched the coding videos on the college moodle. As well as reacting to enemy collision, i also made it so that when the player reaches the goal (in this case the exit door) the collision will start the next level – i have yet to add anything to this level however.

After achieving this i decided to add projectiles to the enemies. Through a few scripts(‘autofire’, ‘projectile’), rigidbodies, and a bullet prefab, i managed to do so. The enemy chefs now throw knives, i like how the knives react to the environment – bouncing off walls/getting stuck. The level is also restarts when the player touches one of the knives.