Project Schedule


Here is the schedule for our pre-production, which Luke made. Orange means started, and green means finished. I think we’ve been quite organised so far – we do a scrum every week, and note down everyone’s tasks.


Here is the asset list for our game, Design Dispute. Blue means necessary, while yellow means optional. My jobs for actual production are a 2D character and 2D background. Since we may be adding more characters, i will take the job of doing them or their level background.

asset list


Initial Ideas


Game Name

  • Design Dispute
  • Design Duel
  • Concept Clash



  • Different movement
  • Different attacks (no melee)
  • Special Ultimates




  • Based on characters
  • Layered backgrounds
  • Some have mechanics (e.g. meteor shower)



Synoptic Team



Now that we’ve done our pitches, we have been sorted into teams for the chosen projects. I’m now on Adam’s team, his idea was to make a Brawler game like Super Smash Bros, where each character has a different style.


Game Storyboard



Here’s the storyboard i did for my game idea. It’s a basic outline showing how the player enters the gallery, and eventually finds the room full of paintings of scenes from their life.


Synoptic Pitch


Elevator Pitch

A 3D first person game set in an art gallery. When a painting is interacted with, the game goes from 3D to a 2D platformer/animation.



A story-driven game that follows a man, who suddenly finds himself in a gallery full of strange paintings. These paintings show scenes from his life, and each scene has the style of a different famous artist. Upon approaching a painting, the scene begins and the game briefly turns 2D.

Once 2D, there would then be a section where the player controls an object or character, followed by a short animation. At the end of each scene, the player would return to the 3D gallery.

The ending could be exiting the last painting, and finding that the main character is actually in hospital having their life flash before their eyes.


Job Roles

  • Production/Creative Lead – paintings, 2D characters
  • Programmer – code (3D to 2D function, camera controls, etc)
  • Animator – 2D animation (character and background movement)
  • 3D Modeller – gallery layout


Target Audience

  • Teens and over
  • Not for young children – themes of tragedy and loss


MVP Build Expectations

  • 2-3 paintings (more if scenes are short)



  • All paintings done
  • Conclusive ending
  • Polished

Synoptic Project


Now that we are back from Christmas break, we have started preparing for our synoptic project, which we will be doing for the rest of the college year.

We have “5 months to pitch, plan, produce, publish and present a Games, Animation or VFX project as part of a team”. Before the project begins, everyone needs to pitch an idea. A chosen few ideas will be picked, and people will be sorted into teams.

Deadline:  23rd January

Timeslot:  (14:40 – 17:00)


My initial idea is for a game, where the character finds himself in a gallery with paintings that depict scenes from his life (each in different art style). The twist is that it starts out 3D but touching a painting makes it 2D.


Asset List Update


Here’s the burndown chart for our project. As you can see we had a lot of jobs to do even near the end, and were worried that we wouldn’t finish in time. I changed the logo on the chart to one i made recently; it was a bit rushed so it’s not perfect.


Now that we’ve finished our project, here is the final asset list. Over the course of the project, we’ve gotten rid of jobs on it (like birds) and added ones (like crystals). I think we’ve worked as a team really well, and Ruin World has overall been a success. If we’d had more time we could have had a proper texture for the rocks, and i would have tried to animate the characters.