Today we had the MVP deadline (minimum viable product) for our game. For previous deadlines, apart from 2 oranges, our marks have all been green. At the moment multiplayer works in the game, it can be played with 2 controllers, there is one level (wizard tower), and only one type of  character (pixel wizard). When the lecturers played the game, they appeared to enjoy it, but felt the controls weren’t as intuitive as they could be – the shoot button is in an awkward place. During our few polish weeks, they said we should alter the controls and add more characters, since not many people’s art is in game yet.


Character Health Ideas




Today i did some concepts of what the health UI could look like. I tested to see whether colour swaps looked good, and to see if the hearts looked better with or without outlines. If all the characters had these sort of hearts, i could slightly alter them per character: they would be blue and frosty for Pobo (as shown above), be green and spiky for El Spikey Juan, etc.


Since each character has their own style, we decided that a stretch goal could be that we give each type of character their own UI; e.g. all 3D characters (like Wattson) would have 3D health bars. Above is what Pobo’s hearts might look like, since his style is 2D and simplistic.

However, i think my team would like a health bar/valve instead of rows of hearts, this makes sense since it could look neater and be easier to code for damage.

Notebook Level Ideas


notebook concept

In Design Dispute, each of the characters are in different styles, and should have their own level that matches them. So, since one of our characters is a stickman, his designated level could be a notebook. I’ve been concepting out what it could look like, and what special features/animations it could have.

In Pobo’s arctic level, we could have platforms that are slippery or that melt/fall away. This would add extra difficulty to the level and make it more interesting for the players. For Doodle’s level, i thought that parts of the pages could be torn off or scribbled on so that the platforms are unusable.

Project Schedule


Here is the schedule for our pre-production, which Luke made. Orange means started, and green means finished. I think we’ve been quite organised so far – we do a scrum every week, and note down everyone’s tasks.


Here is the asset list for our game, Design Dispute. Blue means necessary, while yellow means optional. My jobs for actual production are a 2D character and 2D background. Since we may be adding more characters, i will take the job of doing them or their level background.

asset list

Initial Ideas


Game Name

  • Design Dispute
  • Design Duel
  • Concept Clash



  • Different movement
  • Different attacks (no melee)
  • Special Ultimates




  • Based on characters
  • Layered backgrounds
  • Some have mechanics (e.g. meteor shower)



Synoptic Team



Now that we’ve done our pitches, we have been sorted into teams for the chosen projects. I’m now on Adam’s team, his idea was to make a Brawler game like Super Smash Bros, where each character has a different style.

Game Storyboard



Here’s the storyboard i did for my game idea. It’s a basic outline showing how the player enters the gallery, and eventually finds the room full of paintings of scenes from their life.