Game vs Film Storyboards


Little Nightmares

General Rules 

  • There are infinite lives
  • Light lanterns to create checkpoint
  • If caught by a monster you die
  • Sneaking reduces the noise you make


  • Six
  • The Janitor
  • Leeches
  • Gnomes


The Maw, a huge submarine


Escape the Maw

How the level progresses

  • Six wakes up in The Maw
  • Six meets a gnome (next to lantern)
  • Leeches try to kill Six
  • The Janitor chases Six

Little Nightmares.png

Storyboarding for games is entirely different than storyboarding for films. In a film you can decide what shot a scene will have (e.g. wide shot showing area, or close up), whereas the camera angle is constantly changing in a game, and the character might be in the wrong place.



Emerging Tech Essay


In our lessons with James we have been looking at Emerging Technology. Recently we have been set the task of writing a 2000 word essay about an emerging technology or trend in the Games, Animation and VFX Industries. We were given examples of topics such as Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Photogrammetry, etc. Since i am aiming to be a 2D artist, i wanted to choose a topic related to that. The title i decided on is:

Since the rise in popularity of hand drawn games such as Cuphead, will more developers opt to draw their games physically rather than digitally?


Essay Breakdown

  • Introduce topic
  • Current hand drawn games
  • History of hand drawn animations (Disney)
  • New technology (tablets, lightboxes)
  • Future of hand drawn games (opinion)
  • Conclusion





Establishing Shot

Generally the first shot of the scene, it is used to show the viewer where the action is taking place, and is usually a very wide shot.

An example of an establishing shot is in the Simpsons, where the family house is shown before the episode’s main story begins. This is useful as it helps the story well, and stops the viewer from being confused as to where the characters are.


In Tony’s lesson we started learning how to make storyboards. We were given a section of text from “A Scanner Darkly” by Phillip K. Dick, and we were asked to storyboard the key moments. The text is about a man who feels like he has bugs crawling all over him, and even when he washes they won’t go away. I’m making 6 panels for the text, so far i have 2, as shown below:


The Sims 4


The Sims 4 is a life simulation video game for the computer, developed by Maxis & published by Electronic Arts in 2014.

The franchise first started with The Sims, which was released back in February of 2000. Back then PCs were not as advanced as they are now, especially when it came to visuals. The Sims creator had to consider this, and this is why the graphics of the original game are so pixelated. In the Sims 4 the graphics have been improved so that they are sharp and clear on today’s PCs.

the-sims-games-fps-ready (1)

The Sims


The Sims 4

When it comes to an audience, The Sims 4 is not aimed at one particular age group. Instead it targets people of all ages; it has no gore so children can play it, but does contain some mature elements which targets older viewers such as the ‘wohoo’ option. The game copes very well with it’s console; the computer. It is easy for the player to move around with mouse and keyboard, but if it was on a PS4 (for example) the controller would make it difficult to select sims and interactions. The main attraction of the game for many Sims users is the Create A Sim section. This is where the best customisation can be done, as you can make a sim and change their appearance by physically dragging parts of their body rather than just using sliders.

As well as positives, the game also has its downsides. After buying the game, you would think that all of the content would already be there for you, however there are limited things to do without purchasing an additional expansion pack. There are many of these packs, which cost quite a bit, and some add very little to the game. Sometimes in the middle of gameplay, the animation of the sims in the game will glitch out – they may be stuck doing the same task, or won’t do any interactions at all. This can be annoying, as usually the only way to fix it is to restart the game. When it comes to customisation, there are very few accessories in the game. The fact that there are so few clothing and hair choices meant that creating interesting, original characters became difficult. However many of the game’s users have taken it upon themselves to create their own content for the game. These people are the backbone of The Sims’ community, as they help many people by sharing their content online.


Company Research


Games/VFX Companies

  1. When they were founded
  2. Who owns them
  3. What movies/games have they produced
  4. What roles are available (more artists, animators, etc)
  5. Where would you fit in this company
  6. What can you offer them
  7. Who produced and made your favourite games
  8. How do they market themselves


  • Blizzard

Founded in 1994

No parent company

Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft

Game Design, Artist, VFX, Animator, etc


Character Design


  • Valve

Founded in 1996

No parent company

Portal 2, Team Fortress 2

Artist, Level Designer, Effects, Psycologist,



  • Rockstar

Founded in 1998

Parent company – TakeTwo Interactive

GTA 5, Bully


  • Bethesda

Founded in 1986

Parent company – ZeniMax Media

Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls

  • Naughtydog


  • EA



Portfolio Presentation


Before Christmas our main goal was to prepare for a presentation that we would do. In the presentation we had to showcase the work we had done up to that point, and talk about our strengths.

As well as being an assessment of sorts, the goal of this was to get us used to showing off our work so we can be confident doing it in job interviews.

here is a link to my presentation: